Tourism Minister Zane DeSilva plans to be on board the ship at the centre of the deadly coronavirus scare before it arrives in port on Wednesday morning.

According to the statement released on the eve of the arrival of the Anthem of the Seas , the Minister of Tourism and Transport said he plans to board the cruise ship early Wednesday morning from a pilot boat before it arrived in port.

Mr DeSilva expressed the view that it will help alleviate public concerns.

“Recently there has been much speculation and misinformation surrounding the Anthem of the Seas arrival in Bermuda,” he said.

“In efforts to put to rest any lingering doubt or uncertainty around the safety of this ship, I will board and journey with all passengers and crew into Dockyard and be the first to set foot in Bermuda.

“They say actions speak louder than words and so I hope that tomorrow my actions will be heard by all and we will know that the ship, its crew and passengers are safe, the government has taken the necessary precautions and Bermuda has nothing to fear.”

The Anthem of the Seas became a focal point in the wake of the global epidemic, after four passengers were taken to hospital amid fears they might have the deadly virus.

Tests later showed none of the passengers on the ship had the virus. The Ministry of Health and port authorities subsequently announced that they were prepared for the ship’s arrival.

The Anthem of the Seas is expected to be in port in Dockyard on Wednesday morning.