The Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) can report that a total of 25 ‘Abandoned and Derelict Vessels’ (ADVs) have been recovered from our shorelines and disposed of at the Airport Waste Management Facility in recent months.
This represents approximately one third of the total ADVs that are currently located around Bermuda’s coastline.  Their removal has enhanced the beauty of our shores in addition to addressing some of the threats to the health of our marine environment. 
The areas that have been cleared of ADVs include: Ferry Reach, Mullet Bay and Coney Island.  Additionally, a proportion of ADVs at Mills Creek have been cleared.  All batteries, waste oil and fuels were recovered from the salvaged vessels prior to their disposal.  ADVs will be removed from other areas around the Island as funding permits.
A Government Working Group is currently looking to amend the legislation to ensure that the full costs of salvaging sunken vessels in the future is borne by the boat owners and not by Government.  The ADV Working Group comprises of representatives from DENR, Marine & Ports Services and the waste section of the Ministry of Public Works.
DENR and the Working Group are committed to pursuing the short-term salvage of existing ADVs and, more importantly, the necessary amendments to the legislation to ensure that the removal and disposal of sunken vessels are addressed shortly after they become wrecked and without using funding from Government.   
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