Tourism Minister Zane DeSilva is looking to boost business in the newly added Vacation Rental Homes Category “recently added” to Bermuda’s hotel industry.

Speaking at a news conference held at “the beautifully landscaped premises of the Royal Palms Hotel and Restaurant”, the Minister said: “It is my intent to visit our hotels, both large and small…to form lasting relationships with these key tourism stakeholders.”

He also noted that the Royal Palms Hotel is “one of the 40 plus properties listed on our Tourism Accommodations Inventory as a small hotel”.

Reaffirming the Government’s commitment “to establish a working relationship with the owners of the tourism accommodations here in Bermuda”, he said it was “very important to let our hoteliers, their General Managers their contributions are “valued”.

“After all, Tourism is still one of the main pillars of our economy!”

To this end, the Minister stated that he “started a ‘walk-about’ of “many tourism accommodations”, on May 29, which included:

  • Greenbank Guest House & Cottages, Paget
  • Sandpiper Apartments, Warwick
  • Fourways Inn, Paget
  • Inverurie Executive Suites, Paget
  • and Paraquet Guest Apartments, Paget

Escorted around these properties “by the owners and/or General Managers”, Mr DeSilva said he also  took the “opportunity to hear first-hand what the issues are with respect to operating a hotel in Bermuda and how the Government could assist in resolving them”.

Since the end of March he has visited Rosedon, Rosemont, Oxford House and Robin’s Nest, all located in Pembroke Parish.

“I have been greeted warmly and engaged in frank discussions regarding the operations of our hotels, the quality of our tourism product, issues and possible solutions,” he said.

“I must add that the persons who have elected to serve Bermuda as hoteliers, General Managers and staff are very cordial, hospitable and excellent ambassadors for our island and make me all the more proud to serve as the Minister of Tourism.

Moving forward, he said the Tourism Accommodation Inventory list includes the following categories:

  • Large Resort Hotels
  • Small Hotels
  • Cottage Colonies
  • Clubs
  • Large Cottages, Suites and Apartments
  • Small Cottages, Suites and Apartments
  • Inns
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Floatels [the Venetian]
  • Vacation Rental Homes

Moving forward, he said: “You will hear more from me in the near future, regarding the Vacation Rental Homes category, which was more recently added to the inventory.

TIn closing, the Minister said several owners have said that I am the first Tourism Minister to visit their property. Let me assure all hotel and vacation rental owners in Bermuda that I will meet with them sooner or later.

I look forward to the next round of hotel walk abouts, but before I finish, I must thank the great team at the Tourism Regulation and Policy Unit, led by Rhonda Woods-Smith, including Hotel Inspectors, Carlos Durham and Aaran Swan, Administrative Assistant, Chanel Burchall, and summer student, Kristin Dill.

  • Feature Photos Courtesy of DC