The following letter was released for publication this morning by Duane Santucci…

I Don’t know how to really begin this correspondence or even how to end it but I will be very direct and to the point, each of you have repeatedly told the general public to get vaccinated and that the vaccines are the best solutions to fighting the COVID-19 disease.
The Top Medical Researchers around the World are now coming to grips with and trying to cope with the fact that most that have taken the vaccines over the last 10 to 12 months Worldwide, are now facing the fact that the Vaccines are not working as well as they had hope to and therefore need to introduce a Booster as quickly as possible, while other researchers are showing that the vaccines only have so many months of protection at a time that they can give and most of the upsurge in numbers are coming from a cross section of persons who are not vaccinated and persons who believe that their vaccination is still affective. 
This correspondence is not about either/or, This correspondence is about the fact that I believe each of you in your respective roles are failing to address the biggest elephant in the room, why are we not got a treatment center for the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Injections in Bermuda, and Dr Ayo I do not want to hear your spin on this topic until you have physically been to Florida, along with Minister of Health Kim Wilson and Dr Miller and The Premier and spent time in a Monoclonal Clinic and then come back to Bermuda and open your mouth and tell us it doesn’t work.
You have placed an order for The Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Injections for 20 vials but where the hell do you think that will help the over 1600 and counting persons who are in desperate need of this treatment, you are failing our people miserably and if you think I for one will back down and not call you out on your failures, please think again because our people are dying unnecessarily, and for Dr Ayo and Dr Miller to make a claim that the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Injections will only help a small portion of our population, is an outright lie and very deceptive on your part. 
There has never been once that either of you have provided Bermudians with more options to try to get treatments that can help prevent persons from getting COVID-19 and treatments that can cure those who have become positive, and cure them in record timing and cut down the time of suffrages and the hospitalization periods. Person’s receiving the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Injections in the early stages of COVID-19 would have never progressed into a serious state and have to be hospitalized or even get to the I.C.U. stage, but you each have been hell bent in your fear tactics and scaremongering to push a vaccine agenda that is now killing our people through clotting of the blood, amongst other medical complications due to the vaccines, but still want to blame it on the unvaccinated.
You have blamed the spikes in numbers on the unvaccinated and the multiple deaths, and you have spoken it so much and we have fought you so much, that finally we are on the same page, you are absolutely right, it is the unvaccinated creating this massive upsurge in the spike in numbers, but it is the unvaccinated persons who where once fully vaccinated, believing that the vaccines are still very active in their bodies, and if that was the case, why the hell do they need a damn booster shot, this is bull crap in the highest degree.
The bottom line to this correspondence is that each of you need to move fast and get the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Injections into Bermuda and I am not talking about the 20 vials that have recently been ordered, and please tell the general public who is to receive the first 20 vials when they arrive, because it’s 4 shots to a person and 20 vials will only help 10 persons, maybe Dr. Ayo needs to take a refresher course in Mathematics because we have over 1600 cases of persons that need this treatment.
This treatment can not be used on patients in The ICU because it is for persons who have the beginning stages of COVID-19 and it is ridiculous to tell people that natural immunity is not recognized in Bermuda, because once fully recovered from COVID-19, more than 90 percent of persons develop such a strong natural immunity that the disease can no longer effect them like it did the first time and natural immunity is greater than all vaccines presently on the Worlds markets. I wish you all would stop lying to the public and we are holding each of you responsible for all of the unnecessary suffrages that could have been avoided and should be avoided at all cost, by allowing Bermuda to get The Monoclonal Infusion Injections into Bermuda as quickly as possible. 
You have enough persons in Bermuda in Government and on The Hospital Boards that can hold down the fort for three (3) days, so I suggest each of you please make arrangements to go to Florida, Please have our Governors office call Governor Ron DeSantis office, The Governor of Florida and arrange a specialized tour first hand with the Governor of Florida, so he can school you to how these Monoclonal Infusion Injection Centers work, anything less than this, shows us the general public that you are not serious about the well being of our Citizens and that you are determine to push this vaccine agenda that is clearly not working the way you hoped it would, but yet Bermudian families are loosing love ones left right and center and suffering greatly.
Ignore this correspondence and will only further prove your ignorance and I will never back down off of my stance when I am a testimonial of The Monoclonal Infusion Injections that I received in Tallahassee Florida recently. I end it here and I am watching closely and if The PLP is going to continue with this type of Governance beyond the Delegates Conference, than we really have some sick people in this Country to say the least and I don’t bite my words, I am asking you to please do the right thing for our people and get an express order of The Monoclonal Infusion Injections into Bermuda as quick as possible and Dr Ayo your comments about the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Injections are more experimental than the Covid19 vaccines, was a dumb ass comment because the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Injections have been given the emergency powers to use against Covid19 long before the damn vaccines even where given the same emergency powers and I will go further to state that the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Injections was the first to be given the full FDA approval, so before you open your mouth again, please get your facts straight and truthful.
Not everyone out here is watching YouTube and making videos in their garages, we take a serious exception to you talking to us in Bermuda like you think we are uneducated and uninformed, we are very well educated and my parents didn’t raise a jackass.
Go to Florida and see and learn what a real Monoclonal Infusion injection Center looks like and how it is making a Great impact across the entire State of Florida and now the rest of The United States is coming into the realization, that this is the quickest route to saving our people.
Mr Duane P Santucci