An inmate reportedly lost a piece of his finger after he was allegedly attacked by other inmates at Westgate Correctional Facility.

TNN reports the inmate was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries to his face and hand.

According to the report tensions were “running high” following “yet another assault on an inmate inside the prison”.

One prison source described the situation as “all out chaos”, saying “prison officers were uncooperative with police after prisons staff reported the matter”.

TNN also reported on “a second incident which left another inmate with broken ribs allegedly sustained after officers attempted to restrain him”.

“There are also reports of inmates contacting associates on the outside to perform acts of retaliation on corrections officers who they feel have wronged them.

TNN has reached out to the Ministry of National Security for comment about these allegations.”

No official comment has been made yet.

TNNs source also stated that “the recent resignations of a senior corrections officer and a deputy commissioner, have left a void in leadership which inmates are now taking the opportunity to exploit as the majority of officers are said to be inexperienced while the nature of the inmates is described as more violent than ever”.

“Corrections officers have previously expressed no confidence in prisons Commissioner Keeva Joell-Benjamin whom they feel has failed to support them in their efforts to manage the facility,” the report said.

Further updates are pending.

Feature Photo Courtesy Of TNN