TNN is reporting word of “a 14-year-old female visitor drowning at Bermuda’s most popular beach the Horseshoe Bay Beach”.

The report, published this afternoon (Aug 21) says: “An eyewitness believe to be another visitor to Bermuda spoke to TNN about the unfortunate incident.

“The incident happened around 1pm yesterday August 20th where it is believed the young 14-year-old girl was swimming alone apparently experienced an undertow that is cause by changing ocean currents, causing the young girl difficulty as she disappeared underwater, other swimmers at the beach assisted by bringing the young girl to shore.

“CPR was performed as the 911 call was dispatched, EMTs from the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) as will as paramedics from KEMH arrived and attempted to resuscitate the young individual, she was transported via ambulance to hospital where it is believed she was pronounced dead.

TNN has sent inquiry to the BPS media relations department for a detailed statement into this unfortunate mishap, a response is pending.

We’ll keep you posted.

Top Feature Photo Courtesy Of TNN