The Progressive Labour Party’s longest serving Member of Parliament, Dennis Lister II, was officially sworn in as the new Speaker of the House of Assembly,  when Parliament reconvened earlier today.

Dennis Lister II Being Sworn In as the New Speaker of the House of Assembly

Mr Lister, who represents the Progressive Labour Party  in  Constituency 35 Sandys North Central, was nominated for the position by Premier David Burt, and seconded by his son, Dennis Lister III.

Also officially announced today was the appointment of Deputy Speaker Derrick Burgess, and Senator Joan Dillas-Wright was officially announced as the new President of the Senate Chamber Senator James Jardine was also announced as Deputy.

We’ll have more on today’s Throne Speech, the new Progressive Labour Party administration’s first-ever legislative agenda for the new Parliamentary year, and the first speech to be delivered by Bermuda’s recently appointed Governor John Rankin, who read the 26-page speech PPdelivered today on the grounds of the Cabinet Building.