Three young interns, described as “exceptional” were recently given the opportunity to gain firsthand experience working at OBM International (OBMI).

Clara James, Erin Fleming, and Francis Mussenden are pursuing careers in architecture and interior design.

A spokesperson said: “Throughout the internship, students are afforded the resources, guidance and practical experience in the arena of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and master planning.

“The main objective is to enrich and empower each student, in hopes they will be able to apply these skills with their studies and beyond.

“Ms Clara James was recommended to OBMI from the Department of Workforce Developmen,t,” the spokesperson added.

“She currently attends Daniel’s Faculty of Architecture at the University of Toronto. She is enrolled in the Specialist in Architectural Studies: Comprehensive Stream Program.

“In September Ms James will be entering into her third year. She anticipates to graduate in 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Studies. She is a Bermuda High School alumni, where she earned an International Baccalaureate Diploma [IB].”

Ms James described the internment as “one of the most rewarding opportunities”, she has had.

“One very exciting learning experience that I have had was being able to present my interior design ideas to a client along with the help of the senior interior designer, Vanessa Bean.

“My future goals are to obtain my Master’s degree in architecture and also obtain an interior design certification. After my studies I would love to come back to OBMI and work as either an architect or interior designer or both.”

Erin Fleming “approached OBMI, after researching several architecture and design firms on the island”

She is currently studying Interior Design at Humber College in Toronto, Canad and “will be going into her fourth and final year this September”.

Scheduled to graduate in next spring with a Bachelor of Interior Design Degree, Ms Fleming’s “goal is to design healthcare spaces that encompass both aesthetics and function”.

Ms Fleming is a CedarBridge Academy graduate and moved on to higher learning with five GCSEs in the Class of 2016.

“The reason I chose OBMI to complete this work term is because I was confident that I would learn from the best on the island. OBMI is known for their outstanding work in Hospitality, Healthcare and residential projects,” she said.

“What I enjoy most about working at OBMI is the friendly office environment and the exposure I gained to Bermuda’s unique architecture.

“Everyone is friendly and willing to assist their colleague in any way possible. As a student I was embraced by the team.

“I thoroughly enjoyed utilizing the design skills I’ve learned in school in projects that improve Bermuda’s built environment.”

Frances Mussenden, “is celebrating his third year with OBMI” and currently attends The University of the West of England in Bristol, where here just completed his first year “and is on track to graduate with a BA [Hons] Architecture and Planning in the year 2022”.

The Class of 2017 Warwick Academy graduate was recently awarded the Stanley G Kennedy Architectural Award by the Institute of Bermuda Architects [IBA].

“The award is presented to a Bermudian student[s] enrolled in a programme leading to an accredited degree in architecture. Equally, the candidate must have completed at least one year of studies, and demonstrates a high degree of academic merit,” the spokesperson said.

“Mr Mussenden was the sole recipient of this prestigious award, which included a monetary component to assist with education costs.

“The award is named after Stanley G Kennedy, an architect who devoted much of his life to advancing educational and professional standards in the architectural profession both in Bermuda and in Jamaica.”

Mr. Mussenden said: “I enjoy that OBMI encourages students to challenge themselves.

“I started interning at OBMI back in 2017, and I have come to know so much about the architectural world of Bermuda. I’m very grateful for being able to do the behind-the-scenes work like going to planning department and fire department to submit drawings.

“OBMI is a very welcoming firm. Working in the office over the past three summers has helped improve my confidence, which has ultimately reflected in my work ethic in university. I’m very grateful and proud to say I’ve worked for a firm such as OBMI and I would encourage any student with a passion in architecture to do the same.”

The company was established in Bermuda in 1936 to become a global architecture and design firm, with a diversified portfolio.

Their home office in Bermuda has employed “award winning architects and designers” over the years, and is run by Michele Smith, Managing Director and Senior Interior Designer, and Colin Campbell, Regional Director, MIBA Senior Architect.

For more information visit their website, call 441-278-3550, or email

  • Feature Photo Supplied: Francis Mussenden, Erin Fleming and Clara James