The Green Family today announced the recipients of the Green Family Scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year.

The 13 young Bermudians will receive $5,000 to $10,000 each academic year, for up to four years, towards their overseas studies, representing an investment of up to $500,000.

The scholarship funds go towards tuition costs, education supplies or room and board for students studying at an accredited institution outside of Bermuda on a full-time basis.

This year’s recipients are:

Jaidah Bailey, $10,000 to return to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to continue her studies in Hospitality Management;

Tyler Cameron, $10,000 to continue studies at the New England Institute of Technology for a Bachelor of Science in Network Engineering and Cybersecurity;

Antoinae Durrant, $10,000 to return to Nottingham Trent University to continue her Bachelor of Arts, Business Management, Accounting and Finance;

Sharmila Harris, $10,000 towards her studies at Mount Saint Vincent University for a Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration;

Z’Chai Jennings-Barnett, $10,000 to return to the University of Hertfordshire to continue his Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics;

Matthew Johnson receives $10,000 towards his Bachelor of Arts, English at Penn State University (Abington);

Comori Matthew, $10,000 for his studies in Engineering at the New England Institute of Technology; Sarai Paul, $10,000, who is returning to Georgia State University to earn a Bachelor of Arts, Managerial Sciences with a concentration in Human Resources;

$5,000 to Candace Paynter who will be attending the University of Leicester to complete her Law degree with honours;

Robert Rawlings, $10,000 to continue his Bachelor of Science, Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Hertfordshire;

Kaya Simmons, $10,000 to attend Keele University to complete a Bachelor of Arts, Physiotherapy via a foundation year;

Jahkai Smith, $10,000 to begin a Bachelor in Business and Mathematics at Aston University; and

Sabria Trott, $10,000 to return to Leeds Beckett University to earn a Bachelor of Arts, Accounting and Finance.

Andrew Green, on behalf of the Green Family, said: “The Green Family believes strongly in the power of education, and that every Bermudian should have the opportunity to pursue their studies. This scholarship was established to assist and encourage young Bermudians to attend a postsecondary school and to get a head start on a bright future. We wish this year’s recipients all the best with their studies and we look forward to celebrating their successes with them.”

Since its inception in 2007, the Green Family Scholarship has awarded 107 students a total of $1,637,000 including the 2018-2019 recipients.

Students interested in applying for the Green Family Scholarship must first apply to the Knowledge Quest Scholarship. Eligible students must be Bermudian at the time of application, show financial need and be studying abroad at an accredited school. Recipients are then selected based on financial need, academic achievement and non-academic pursuits. More information about the Green Family Scholarship can be found at Information about Knowledge Quest and the Knowledge Quest Scholarship application can be found at