News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “In keeping with the Government’s Employment Strategy of increasing local training opportunities and promoting pathways to securing employment, I am pleased to announce that the Department of Workforce Development recently concluded a Technical Cleaning Certification course for thirteen local Bermudians,” said the Minister of Economy and Labour, Jason Hayward. 

The Technical Cleaning Certification course was held on April 24th – 28th in partnership with the local cleaning company, Atlantic Cleaning & Maintenance Services and secured the expertise of Mr David Thompson from the Academy of Cleaning Excellence based in Florida, USA. 

The five-day training programme covered modern safety in industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, using protective equipment properly, chemical protection, how to clean various surfaces, tool clean up and customer service. The course content included multiple elements needed for the ACE professional development educational certification courses.

Congratulations to the following Bermudians for being awarded Technical Cleaning Certifications:

  • Lauretta Hinds
  • Nyasanu Wilson 
  • Shaun Lambert 
  • Aisha Trott
  • Erskine Phillips 
  • Krista Dyer 
  • Shakii Pearman 
  • Glen Goater
  • Dwayne Bean 
  • Micah Lambert,
  • Delkeith Wilson 
  • Brandan Millette  
  • Donald DeSilva

The Department of Workforce Development is pleased to report that eight participants are employed full-time in various residential and commercial businesses across the island. Meanwhile, SOS Limited and Atlantic Cleaning are assisting the remaining participants who have met the standard training requirements for commercial and residential cleaning-related jobs with securing employment opportunities. 

Minister Hayward continued: “I want to thank Allen Ferreira, owner of Atlantic Cleaning and Maintenance Services and Sharon Lee Johnson of DE Mortimer & Co Ltd Wholesaler, who assisted with providing the various cleaning materials and machinery used during the five-day theory and practical training held at Department of Workforce Development. I also want to thank Kristi Capuano of SOS Limited Recruitment Company, who has been assisting the participants with securing employment opportunities.”

The Department of Workforce Development remains steadfast in its commitment to providing training and development in high-demand occupations to Bermudians. Working collectively with industry stakeholders creates synergies allowing all involved to find practical pathways that ensure the training and certifications offered to Bermudians meet the industry’s requirements, enabling them to retool and upgrade their skillsets, become certified, better equipped and more marketable for employment opportunities. 

Minister Hayward concluded: “My sincere thanks and appreciation to the Department of Workforce Development’s training section for their continued efforts in creating training and development opportunities to get Bermudians back to work in industry-driven high-demand occupations.