ThinkMedia is set to host the next installment of ThinkFest on Sunday, with a program that focuses on the role of the media in the 1959 local theatre boycotts.

Dana “Zhyon” Selassie, PhD, will discuss research findings in a presentation entitled ‘Navigating Media and Race in a Segregated Colony’.

“This presentation on Bermuda’s colonial media in the 1950s, and more directly, on the Bermuda Recorder, offers a vital piece in the analysis of Bermuda’s media industry, race and national identity, and how these factors impacted and helped to shape the outcome of the Bermuda Theatre Boycotts,” said Dr Selassie.

“The Bermuda Recorder’s role in the fight for the desegregation of the colony for example, is an essential part of Bermuda’s story, and a vital historical contribution to the black Bermudian experience.

“Further, this presentation offers a deeper understanding and illustration as to how media was used as a tool that supported and helped to orchestrate new articulations of black identity as the island navigated racial integration.”

The event takes place at Liberty Theatre on Sunday starting at 7pm. Traditional ginger beer and Sobolo (a drink made from dried hibicus consumed widely throughout West Africa and the Caribbean where it is known as Sorrell).

Bermudian Dana ‘Zhyon’ Selassie has been involved in Bermuda’s television industry for over 25 years, working locally and internationally as a television producer, film director, media strategist, educator and researcher.

Currently, Dr Selassie is the Lecturer of Film and Television and VC2020 Researchers at De Montfort University in the UK, where she also serves as Deputy Programme Leader for the BSc in Media Production.

With vast technical and production knowledge, Dana has expanded her portfolio through PhD research as she critically examines political and cultural practices within Bermuda’s emerging radio and television industries in the 1940s – 1960s, as a colonial broadcast historian.

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