Forecasters are keeping a close eye on another storm in the northern Pacific that has the potential to become the strongest storm ever recorded.

Hagibis rapidly intensified to typhoon strength over the weekend, picking up Super Typhoon status on Monday, which is equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane with winds close to 250 km/h.

According to “The monster storm is forecast to strengthen even further, likely making it the strongest storm of the year and even rivaling one of the most extreme typhoons on record.

“According to NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division, maximum sustained winds of the 1983 Super Typhoon Forrest, increased by 150+ km/h in just one day.

“Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton says Hurricane Dorian was the strongest storm on Earth so far this year with a pressure of 910 millibars.

“As of Monday morning local time, the storm was threatening the Northern Marianas Islands, and forecasters are eyeing a potential track toward Japan by next weekend.

“The storm is set to bring strong winds and torrential rainfall to the Northern Marianas, a US territory, through Tuesday. Flash flooding and high surf are also likely in Guam as the centre of the storm passes to the north,” the report added.

“The US National Weather Service issued a typhoon warning for the islands of Saipan, Tinian, Alamagan and Pagan in the Northern Marianas, with a tropical storm warning for the islands of Agrihan and Rota. Guam, also a U.S. territory, is under a tropical storm watch.

“Given the expected path and strength of this storm, Hamilton says it’s possible it could eventually influence the weather in western North America in the long range.”