Jason Hayward, Minister of Labour

The following statement was released on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 by the Minister of Labour, Jason Hayward, regarding the St Regis Resort benefitting Bermudians and our economy…

Members of the public will recall that in March 2021, the Government announced that over 90 Bermudian staff would start work at the St Regis Resort in the first recruitment phase.

I am excited to announce that as of Friday, June 11, there were 149 full-time employees, of which 86 or 57.7 percent are Bermudian, and 63 are work-permit holders. Also, currently, the hotel is actively recruiting for 32 additional positions. 

Furthermore, just two weeks ago, some 50 gaming academy positions were advertised by the resort. The Ministry is pleased to report that 47 Bermudians have signed agreements to participate in this training, and there is the capacity to include even more Bermudians. 

With these employment and training opportunities and additional economic activity generated by St Regis and their guest, I have complete confidence that the hotel’s opening is significantly benefitting Bermudians and the entire Bermudian Economy. 

Lastly, I want to remind the public that individuals interested in jobs at St Regis should email their résumés to srbhumanresources@stregis.com or sign up on the bermudajobboard.bm.