Few would disagree that Bermuda may never fully recover what it once led in the tourism industry. The game has changed tremendously over the years, with far less hotel beds available today than back in the day.

There was a time when Bermudians worked in hospitality in droves. But that too has changed, although a renewed push to get them back in the industry is making some headway.

But attracting Bermudians carries a number of factors, including the big question of base salaries and what exactly amounts to a liveable wage.

Many job categories run as low as $5 to $6 per hour in some areas. That coupled with gratuities makes for a fairly decent salary for some during the peak season months. But during the off season many local hotel workers will tell you point blank that it’s slim pickings in terms of pay during the winter season.

In part one of a two-part Bermuda Real series, Ceola Wilson spoke with three young Bermudian men on the pros and cons of hotel work, and how they survive during the off season versus the cost of living in Bermuda.

By Ceola Wilson