I read with interest the opinion column by Senator Crystal Caesar entitled ‘Been Busy Expanding Opportunities’.

This article is another PLP media release that trumpets little while many Bermudians continue to struggle and lack opportunities.

I am not surprised by the attack on the former OBA government and, again in this article, the continued attempt to undermine the building of the new airport terminal and the America’s Cup.

Let us not forget that in spite of the PLP not being able to unearth anything of substance to rightfully challenge the contract for the development they continue to spread misinformation. It is a fact that the project to date is progressing well, countless Bermudians are working on the site, there are training opportunities for Bermudians and the development has been met with international acclaim.

This brings to mind an old saying “when in a deep hole it’s best to stop digging”. Yet instead of heeding good advice, the PLP doubled down and upon assuming the Government commissioned a consultant’s review of the airport project which they hoped and prayed would provide them with the ammunition they wanted so badly to back up their unsubstantiated claims. That backfired badly as it essentially validated the contract signed by the OBA.

In regard to the America’s Cup, the Trump-like comment used was that it was “a raft up for billionaires”. 


This mammoth undertaking was a big success for Bermuda and Bermudians, it received worldwide coverage and improved the economy and lives of Bermudians. These are facts.

Yet instead of capitalizing on the event and leveraging future opportunities, such as the massive potential of super-yachts, the PLP as the Government continue to belittle this significant achievement and the tireless commitment of thousands of Bermudians who made the success possible and by doing so portrayed our island home in such a positive light to over 150 countries and 450 million people around the world!

However, I note the Senator’s weak attempt to trumpet achievements over the past year such as the Tourism Investment Act, which was developed under the OBA, and the support for the Bermuda Heroes Weekend, which the OBA supported fully since inception. However, glaring in omission from the article is a mention of bitcoin or cryptocurrency, a third pillar of the economy according to the PLP.

Sadly, while Premier David Burt has said on many occasions that they have learned from their previous time in government and recently as opposition, the often used excuse was repeated once again that the PLP did not cause the worldwide economic downturn of 2008. That is a fact, but the policies and action of the PLP government were a significant factor for the Bermuda economy going into a deep funk, which the OBA corrected by first righting the ship and then steering the island into calmer seas and a much healthier position.

The PLP government need to get on in dealing with the lack of opportunities for Bermudians and strengthening our community. Bermuda is worse off today than in 2017 and many have less confidence in Bermuda.

With all the challenges we face it is sad that the PLP continues with the politics of “manufactured division”.

These tactics  remind me of a comment made by President Obama in 2008 when he rightly criticized Republicans in saying: “If you do not have a record to run on then paint your opponent as someone people should run from…”

This sums up the PLP but we must do better.

Hon Michael H Dunkley, JP, MP – Former Premier of Bermuda & MP for Smith’s North