The following statement was released today by OBA MP Ben Smith, the Shadow Minister of Education…

The One Bermuda Alliance would again like to voice its support for the West End Warriors as they relentlessly fight against the historic primary school being permanently closed by the Ministry of Education.

The Government is causing prolonged angst by not shedding light on the decision. How can parents’ and students’ minds be settled when their future is uncertain? This is reprehensible. The outcry against the closure has been significant and prolonged and still that hasn’t been enough for the Ministry of Education to take a decision swiftly.

A One Bermuda Alliance government would not close the school. The community has already shown that this school is the hub of the community. It has a rich legacy and fulfils the requirements of a Parish primary school, so it’s mind-boggling that it wasn’t selected from the onset to be one.

It’s time for the Government make the announcement and stop playing with the West End Warriors’ emotions.