The One Bermuda Alliance has confirmed that Cole Simons will be the unopposed new Leader of the Opposition and Craig Cannonier is out.

The deadline for nominations was passed on Friday, October 23 and the party said Mr Simons was elected by acclamation, which will be ratified on November 2, at the party’s conference.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the party also announced several shadow ministers.

Mr Cannonier has been appointed as the shadow Minister of Public Works and tourism.

Susan Jackson is the new shadow Minister for Education, Social Development and Seniors.

Scott Pearman is shadow Minister for Legal Affairs and Transport.

Michael Dunkley is the shadow Minister for National Security and Health.

Newly elected MP Jarion Richardson is the shadow Minister for Labour, Home Affairs, and the Cabinet office, which includes economic development.

And Mr Simons will be the shadow Minister of Finance.

As the new Opposition Leader, he thanked Mr Cannonier for his service and Leah Scott, the party’s former deputy leader.

“Over the next few days,” Mr Simons said he will announce the party’s Senate team and the rest of the shadow ministers.

No word yet on who will be the deputy leader.

The OBA executive will be decided on November 3. Catherine Kempe and Justin Mathias are both vying to be party chairman.

Mr Cannonier’s resignation follows the OBA’s crushing defeat at the polls on October 1, leaving them with only six MPs in the House of Assembly.

The day after the election, he said he would “take a few days” to think about what he would do next.

As it turns out he has stepped down as the party’s leader and Mr Simons was the only one to put his name forward to take up the post.