News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda Inspired by Planet Math’s cofounders’ love for game shows and encouraging the youth, over 1,000 children across Bermuda’s primary and middle schools participated in a fun new game show entitled, The MATH+A+THON.

Planet Math, in partnership with RG Kids, hosted the five-month long MATH+A+THON event from November 2019 through to March 2020. The primary objective was to provide students with a highly energetic, fun, and unique experience.
“This has been an amazing journey for us. Our entire goal was to bring a fun and exciting math activity to schools and at the same time do something further to assist the community,” explained Co-Founder, Sergio Pitcher. “Thanks to our gracious sponsors and the volunteer tutors, we were able to bring an amazing program to schools throughout the island and assist 30 children in mathematics with individualized tutoring sessions.
The MATH+A+THON is an hour-long math-directed special assembly event and a great experiential learning tool encouraging Math Education. The MATH+A+THON series involved a road trip to all of Bermuda’s 28 primary and middle Schools. Each school selected 12 students to participate. These 12 students were divided into two teams of 6 where two students from each grade level were selected in primary schools and 4 were selected for each grade in middle schools. Each participant was asked three questions and the points were later tallied up by an Event Assistant.
Special guest appearances were also made by Planet Math’s superhero, Math Man. Math Man’s task is to help students when they have difficulties answering questions and to provide moral support to the young learners.
The positive impact of the MATH+A+THON series was also noted by Kalmar Richards, Commissioner of Education: “As we move forward with strategies to improve student achievement in mathematics, partnerships are an important part of the equation. We appreciate the resources and support provided by Planet Math and look forward to continued collaboration in the near future.
A big thank you especially to Sergio Pitcher and Kevin Warner for their passion, vision and commitment to helping students acquire a love for mathematics.”
To continue with the momentum and positivity surrounding Mathematics, complimentary copies of The Xplorers Workbook
was also given to each primary school student during the summer break. This was made possible by the generosity of our corporate sponsors: HSBC, Validus Re and Global Atlantic Re.
The Xplorers Workbook is a forty-page, full color workbook complete with stimulating math games, trivia and fun activities for students.
We also extended the series to launch a new community outreach entitled, MATH+A+THON Beneficiary Program. Each MATH+A+THON participating school selected one candidate to receive a minimum of four free private tutoring sessions with a Planet Math instructor, courtesy of our sponsors. The initiative was later embraced by the BILTIR group, who successfully paired highly qualified mathematically inclined professionals with each of the tutees. Special thanks to Sylvia Oliveira of Wilton Re, Paolo Fiandesio of Somerset Re, and Wanda Roberts of BILTIR for their recruiting efforts and massive support of the program.
“BILTIR is pleased to support Planet Math in its mission to promote a positive mathematics mindset amongst Bermuda’s school children,” stated Sylvia Oliveira, BILTIR Director. “BILTIR’s volunteer tutors, consisting of actuaries and other insurance professionals, all have a particularly strong aptitude and passion for math.
We hope that our enthusiasm will enhance and enrich each Planet Math student’s experience with our favorite subject. BILTIR looks forward to fostering a long-term relationship with Planet Math, with a common goal of helping to close the opportunity gap for Bermudian students. BILTIR is grateful to Planet Math for the chance to invest in the potential future talent of our industry.”
We are very pleased to provide the island with these amazing mathematics opportunities,” said Co-Founder, Kevin Warner. “Our awe-inspiring staff and public-spirited volunteers are very keen and eager to participate in such rewarding experiences.
At Planet Math, we create a world where everyone loves and appreciates Mathematics and achieves their full potential. We make a concerted effort to develop high quality innovative educational products, amazing experiences and engaging lessons.”
Special note to Parents: All private school students can collect a copy of The Xplorers Workbook from Monday, August 10 to Saturday, August 15, 2020 between noon and 5:00 pm at Planet Math, Hamilton location. Copies for the public-school students will be distributed via the local mail.
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