News Release: TUCKER’S TOWN, Bermuda – The striking power and beauty of nature are central to The Loren experience in Tucker’s Town, Bermuda. So, too, is protecting nature from the threats of climate change for guests, residents and future generations to enjoy. With the delicacy of our planet in mind, The Loren Hotel has launched The Loren Roots Initiative, a non-profit with a goal to acquire and regenerate over 50,000 bio-diverse acres of land and plant 10 million hardwood trees to consume at least 10 times the carbon dioxide the property produces to give back to the world more than it takes. Guests who believe in taking climate action today to make a difference tomorrow are invited to be a part of the effort through voluntary contributions of just 1.5 percent of their hotel bill to match the 1.5 percent Celsius increase in global temperature that experts believe must be prevented to preserve the character of the world as we know it.

The Loren Roots Initiative has already begun with the first 1,000 acres of farmland purchased in the Mississippi Delta. Ensuring the amount of biodiversity introduced by the initiative will be successful. The Loren is consulting with experts in the fields of agriculture, forestry and architecture at the University of Texas at Austin to discern the impact of the program.
Commencing April 5th, along with hotel guests, local diners are invited to contribute 1.5 percent of their bills to The Loren Roots Initiative as well. Investors and friends are also encouraged to join the effort, with all partnerships and participation appreciated.
“With site selection a major consideration in the development of Loren properties, The Loren Roots Initiative is a way to ensure that the experiences guests come to enjoy actually help preserve rather than diminish the natural beauty around us,” said Stephen King, Founder of The Loren Hotel Group. “We’re pleased with the enthusiastic interest and support we have already received from guests and residents, as well as from the experts we’re tapping at the University of Texas at Austin. The fight against climate change will be a long one, so best to get started now.”
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