On Thursday, October 27, 2022, SCARS Bermuda – Saving Children & Revealing Secrets, celebrated their 11th anniversary.

From Day One, many moons ago, when we charted the course for this three-part series, the main goal set was to make sure the final segment aired on that date.

Once the final links were recorded in studio, merely two days before it was due to air, we knew we were about to drop a bombshell. To say we opened Pandora’s Box would be a massive understatement!

The impact and public reaction surpassed expectations and triggered a slew of messages from other child sex abuse victims and even more who said they were abused while housed at the Sunshine League.

Just so you know, this has led to a separate follow up, which is scheduled to air before the end of the year, with another in-depth feature on the Department of Financial Assistance as well.

In the interim, here’s what some of our viewers had to say about the final episode of our SCARS series:

  • I want to congratulate you on this huge accomplishment.
  • Still here trying to wrap my head around that interview. It angers me to think that our children were abuse at the Sunshine League and Brangman Home.
  • Watched most of it and just cried. So many bad memories for me. I was just an innocent child. It never leaves you – predators everywhere!
  • Disgusting 1 in 3 children. Accountability needs to happen on that small Island!
  • So much abuse going on at every level it seems. Hang in there, dear Ceola. Bringing bad stuff into the light is other than an easy task. 💕 And a task at which you excel.
  • What about the unreported cases?
  • Huge amount is by siblings, that don’t know no different the number would be higher sadly.
  • Ceola years ago I asked almost every girl I know if they had been “POKED BY A BOY”. There was not one girl that could say “Not Me”. This little so called CONSERVATIVE island has been hiding stuff for years. So glad you have the courage to take issues like this. Some of these grown Bermudian men have never apologized for that poke, but us women will remember it till the day we die.
  • You certainly know how to bring it to us.
  • That must have been one of the hardest things to do. Press on sis!
  • ‘C’ and again….it was more than a Blessing in you having this show! I know you will continue to keep up the great work that you are doing. For there will be so many, who will be Blessed by it! PS…..make no mistake….You definitely are one of the Best in Bermuda!!!
  • So many UNTOLD stories. Sad thing is they still protect pedophiles rapists ect. No justice will be served – Cannot erase the horrible Memories the victims relive every day!! #RealTalk
  • Many sad stories from homes that was supposed to care for the children. Even today, their complaints are ignored.
  • Wow that’s deep, I always felt them kids was being abused up there at sunshine league all of them bastards deserve the death sentence 100%. That woman that got deported to be honest with you Ceolak if it was me and now older, I would hunt her ass down in her own country and make her life a living hell!
  • Morning Ceola, after watching your show last night I couldn’t sleep, thank you for exposing the monsters in the community even if they are not called by name everyone’s eyes are wide open. It’s no excuse that could be made today. And the young lady oh my God just imagine the other horror stories that could come out of the old Sunshine League.
  • Ceola Wilson you wasn’t the only one crying my friends where Wattsapping me and saying they were balling everyone was a hot mess, the things that you and Debbie had to hear and do hear can’t be easy its one thing you can’t unhear. 
  • You are the BEST! Keep doing what you do.
  • Keep growing it my sister. Nothing but love for you!
  • You got this Ceola. Bermuda’s #1 investigative journalist, in my opinion, which counts.
  • Do the damn thing!!! Thank you for tackling/sharing/investigating the topics others have not. Looking forward to more!!!
  • Ceola Wilson remember Ceola even though we are thankful for all that you do take care of your mental health, what people don’t think of at times is how hearing these story can have an impact on your psyche so take time out to recharge.
  • Kinika has withstood so much and came out on top. She has always been a special student of mine. Strong, brave, resilient. She told me her story in later years and I was in awe of how she was so positive, respectful, cooperative and creative in the classroom, considering all that she had been through. I will never forget her singing happy birthday in front of the class as a 2nd year student (this was when one took the 11+ to get into 5 years of Berkeley). Keep striving, Kinika; you are a survivor and your story will save others.
  • Thank you for interviewing her! I can t wait to hear her story…🙏❤
  • And Thank you for having her as your guest and sharing it here on Facebook. Looking forward to her next appearance.
  • Ceola Wilson I’ve been thinking of Kanika ever since too. Listening to her made me want to give her a great big hug! I remember Kinika from high school and had no clue she what she was going through so much. I am so proud of her for telling her truth. Sending her much love and blessings as she goes through this healing process. Her test is now her testimony and God is using her story to help others. Also, Ceola you did an AMAZING job facilitating the interviews!
  • She is a beautiful young woman, who has experienced a lot, her strength OMG what strength she has.
  • This young lady’s story, OH MY GOD. My whole heart goes out to her, may she continue telling her story n get the help she needs.
  • I spoke to someone who told me it’s so hard to take the layers off and dig deep but to do it so publicly takes a lot of courage thank you to the young laday and the two gentlemen because for a man that couldn’t have been an easy thing to do either thanks to SCARS and Ceola.
  • I always knew there was a lot of pain behind what we saw and heard. I am proud of Kanika and your other guests for being the voice of those who suffer in silence. My hope is that there are enough capable counselors and therapists to help ALL who seek healing. Blessings to you Ceola and thank you for bringing this topic to the community.
  • Powerful interview and even better your the best to do it!

This series, especially the final segment took its toll but that comes with the job and we’re still learning how to manage it. It gets to be pretty overwhelming at times and this one was rough! But that too, comes with the territory.

Let the record show we’ve GROWN PAST Regular News – on a MUCH HIGHER MISSION!

All I can say is THANKS FOR THE LOVE BERMUDA! The journey continues For REAL!