Why Did He Do That?

Although the intricate details of the sexually explicit videos have long faded from my memory, the horror of why such videos were recorded and sent over the international airways of social media yet lingers in the corridors of my mind.

Why would a man degrade a female? That question continues to linger in my heart and mind. Of course, many will and can use the ‘cop-out’ response: “Well, she let him.” While that may be true, it does not fully explain what is occurring in his or her life. In other words, one must think beyond the images and think before the images. There is a mindset that would cause a male to expose a female in such a base way.

Males are generally larger in body mass and stronger in muscle tone and muscle use. Males have been created by God to care for, protect, and provide for the female. I am reminded that the female is termed the “weaker” vessel. Now that term “weaker” does not refer to her physical strength or her physical abilities in any way. It speaks to the fact that the female is typically more sensitive; she is more fragile when it comes to matters of the heart.

While all sorts of abuse occurs across all color lines, I will zoom in on what I saw, which was black males sexually abusing black females. It was nothing short of animalistic behavior. Why would a male behave like an animal and show his physical dominance upon and over the female of his same species?

Permit me to offer a few responses to that question:

1. That male is void of a relationship with God. Hence, there is no way he can know that he is operating out of God’s order. As a matter of fact, he is behaving in direct opposition to how God would have him to behave. You see, when one does not know their purpose, they will misuse and abuse. Abuse. Yes, they will avert the normal use of the female and mutate it into something far below human standard.

2. That male is void of a relationship with his father. If he had a proper role model as a father and he was actually mentored or trained by his father concerning how to treat a woman, he might not go so far astray from normal manhood. Also, consider that if he grew up with his mother and father in the home and saw his father exhibit proper care, concern, and coverage for his mother, he might not go so wrong.

3. That male is void of a relationship with his mother. Surely, if a son loves and adores his mother, then he would find it difficult to treat another mother’s daughter as a prostitute. In some way, there has been an improper relationship between an abusive male and his mother.

4. That male is void of feeling empowered. That is very serious. When some males feel as if they are powerless in society, they meander to the easy and evil way of becoming empowered by abusing another, rather than seeking right ways to become empowered. Yes, sexual abuse is a search for a male to become empowered and feel in control, most likely because in most other aspects of his life, he has no control. It is a coward’s way of appearing as a conqueror when he is not!

The long and short of it is that the females who allow themselves to be abused and debased and the males who abuse females are out of control. Do not let the fact that the male has “power” over a female cause you to think that he is in control.

A male “in control” and “in a proud place” will show his face. As a matter of fact, such a male will show his face and her face together. A male who is actually a coward will hide his face while showing the face of his victim. Shame on every male that has abused a female because of his lack of manliness and manhood! You have missed your purpose for living and have chosen to live in the gutter-mindset of an abuser. May God have mercy on your soul!

By Dr Maria Seaman

Rev. Dr. Maria Seaman is the founder and Pastor of Shekinah Worship International Ministries (SWIM) at Shekinah Worship Centre, Bermuda under the spiritual covering of Bishop Jacqueline E. McCullough of The International Gathering of Beth Rapha. Dr. Seaman is an author of four books: The World of the Womb in God’s Plan for Man, Wombs II, A Voice Crying Out in a Wilderness Called Paradise, and Wombs III Expect the Unexpected: Leah’s Womb. She has also co-authored three books, and is the founder/producer of Shekinah’s twenty-four-hour cable channel, “SWIM TV”. Dr. Seaman firmly believes, “The safest place to be, is in the will of God.”