News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Progressive Labour Party mourns the passing of PLP  stalwart Ann Pindar.

As one of eight courageous women who ran for the Progressive Labour Party (PLP) in 1968, Ann Pindar was a pioneer of the Bermuda Labour movement.

An n Pindar was a teacher and also served as Recording Secretary of the Bermuda Industrial Union.

In1968 Ms Pindar ran in Devonshire South alongside the late Richard Lynch and again ran in Devonshire South for the PLP in 1976.

Prior to running as a candidate for the PLP, Ms Pindar was one of the few women actively involved in the Labour movement within the Bermuda Workers Association (BWA) which subsequently birthed the Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU).
Ms Pindar was a close associate of Dr E F Gordon, working with him and others to orchestrate the labour movement in Bermuda and was among the brave Bermudians who marched with him  to present, to the then Governor, a copy of the historic BWA petition.
This petition, which he would then take to London, called for the Secretary of State for the Colonies to send a Royal
Commission of Inquiry into the oligarchic governance of Bermuda.
In 2012, at its annual Founder’s Day luncheon, the PLP bestowed Ms Pindar with a Drum Major Award. The audience was captivated as she vividly shared her personal story and detailed the crucial role she and other women played in the founding of the Party; which up until that moment were not widely known.
Commenting on the passing, Progressive Labour Party Leader, Premier David Burt said: “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party owes a tremendous debt to Mrs Pindar as a woman who courageously stepped forward in service of our country and our Party to provide leadership and representation at a time when  few women did so and when the consequences for association with the PLP were great.
“We honour her memory and cherish her sacrifice. I was fortunate to be in attendance at the Founder’s Day Event in 2012, and recall the incredible impact Ms Pindar’s story had on the attendees.
“On behalf of the Bermuda Progressive Labour party our party i extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Ms Pindar and to her BIU family.”
Ms Pindar, a former teacher and trade unionist was 98.