Jordan Smith: Seriously injured in a two-vehicle accident in Warwick on Monday, August 30, 2021

Imagine riding your motorcycle along the main road, minding your own business, when all of a sudden – out of the blue, a car slams into you.

Next thing you know, you see one of your bones sticking out through your jeans.

On the surface, the police report issued after the collision – looked like just another two-vehicle accident on Bermuda’s roads.

The accident occurred on Monday, August 30.

Jordan sustained a serious leg injury in the accident that occurred at the foot of Longford Hill on Middle Road in Warwick.

Police say the accident occurred around 8pm, on Middle Road at the junction with Longford Road, involving the motorcycle and a private care.

Initial information suggested that he was travelling east, “when a private motorcar driven by another male travelling in the opposite direction attempted to negotiate a right hand turn onto Longford Road, causing the two vehicles to collide”.

“The driver of the motorcar was not reported to be injured, a police spokesperson said, as the appeal for witnesses who may have seen this collision to PC Bailey on 211.”

The victim has yet to hear of the status of the police investigation and apparently, the driver of the car has not bothered to reach out to his victim either.
“This guy has really changed my life because I don’t know how long I’m going to be out. I’m going to out for months at the minimum and luckily I have a good job,” said Mr Smith.
“I have still yet to hear anything from this guy who hit me. He hasn’t called or anything to reach out. I spoke to the cops, they pretty much reassured me that this is was clearly his fault.

“He said he looked up and I wasn’t there and he made the turn and then I was there. I find that crazy! Somebody needs to change something at TCD – I don’t know. I mean, how could you not see me – do you need glasses – what? 

“I don’t get it!

“Now I’m in a situation where I am physically – I mean I am literally unable to provide at the moment. I’m going to have to wait on the insurance company to start paying my income again. I don’t know how long that’s going to take.

“I’m basically down to zero in funds – I’m down to nothing. I shouldn’t be in this situation and I am.”

Asked what he remembers about the crash, he said: “I was leaving a friend’s house travelling on my own going east and this gentleman decides to make a turn up Longford Hill crossing my lane.

I was minding my own business, I wasn’t and basically all I can recall is a car driving over my leg and hearing a bunch of noise, and then I guess a lot of trauma. I can only fill in the pieces.

I remember the cop talking to me while I was holding my leg up in the air and waking up in the hospital with a bunch of metal pins and stuff sticking out of my leg.

“This happened on the 30th of August at about 8 o’clock and I woke up the next day in the afternoon,” said Mr Smith.

Apparently I had a brain bleed, I’ve got stitches on my face, my chin, I’ve lost the use of my wrists for now. I don’t know if it’s going to get any better yet.

I ended up with bruised ribs, pretty much my whole body is bruised. My leg was so severely broken you could see the bone sticking out of my jeans.

That’s pretty much it in terms of injuries. But I didn’t get out of the hospital until the 12th of September.

“I spent nearly two weeks there and I was in the process of moving right before this accident happened. So, I had to move apartments while I was in hospital basically, having friends doing it for me.

It has not been easy at all, it’s been super, super difficult because I cannot put any weight on my legs – I’m using crutches.

I live on my own, I can’t cook anything, I have to literally rely on others to come help me just to eat.

The most I can do right now is just lay here, I can get a shower on my own – that’s progress. But I still have to sit on a chair in the bathtub.”

Asked how he plans to survive moving forward, he said: “I’m lucky that my boss is pretty cool.

“I’m like a head mechanic almost – I got one guy that’s above me and then it’s me.

“I’m almost like pretty much the face of the company.

“I do a lot of the work and jobs and they’re going to be behind without me,

“So they’re definitely going to hire someone to replace me at least temporarily.

“But there’s still that thought in the back of my head – am I going to have a job six months from now?

“Are they going to wait that long for me? It’s not a good idea to think about that, but I got two children and I can’t even go to see them.

“What are they going to think seeing daddy’s leg like this. My son is five and my daughter is three and I can’t even – I don’t even want them to see my leg.”

The worst part of it all for him is the fact that he has not seen his children in two months.

But the first order of business for him is to lie on his back to recover on what will be a long road ahead.

Nearly two months after the serious collision that changed his life instantaneously, he faces several months before he is back up and running on his own two feet.

Here’s to a full recovery!