The Transport Control Department (TCD) issued a public advisory today, urging residents to avoid last-minute vehicle examinations, registrations and re-licensing this month, due to the public holiday on Friday, March 29.

“Our last business day this month falls on Thursday, March 28, with the examination and re-licensing period for 2,836 vehicles expiring between March 25 and 31, 2024,” a spokesperson said.

“While some customers may choose online licensing, a few might wait until the final week to examine and re-license at TCD. To avoid long queues, TCD recommends that customers initiate the examination process early and use the online registration platform at for private vehicles —specifically private cars, motorcycles, and auxiliary bicycles.

As a reminder:

  • Vehicle examinations can be conducted up to 90 days before the expiry date
  • Private vehicle re-licensing [for cars, motorcycles, and auxiliary cycles] can be conveniently completed online at
  • Commercial vehicles are exclusively licensed at the Transport Control Department
  • All drivers aged 18 and above must possess a valid medical certificate to renew their driving licence