Back-to-back flights, coupled with the arrival of the flight postponed the night before out of Miami, in addition to carnival events and a cruise ship in port stretched the island’s taxi service on Saturday.

Bermuda Taxi Owners and Operators Association (BTOA) President, Ricky Tucker the BTOA was “disappointed that visitors and passengers arriving at Bermuda International Airport could not be accommodated by our full taxi coverage”.

In a statement released to Bermuda Real, he said back up was due to “five flights arriving at the same time, along with a cruise ship that had just arrived in Royal Naval Dockyard”.

“This weekend was especially busy because of it being carnival weekend and a large amount of taxis working along with providing transportation for their participant and locals alike.

“While we acknowledge our down faults, especially on a holiday weekend, this is full of constant events and our cruise ships that are in make it difficult to supply the demand in transportation.

“After speaking with the drivers who throughout the summer if we are not granted the extra temporary permits that we have asked the Government for as we need the tools to work and provide the services necessary,” he added.

“This is the primary reason why we asked for a seasonal 150 temporary taxi licenses, which would have helped to cover the many needs of transportation needs through Bermuda.”

We will have more in subsequent reports.