Bermuda’s taxi operators were granted a 50 percent Payroll Tax cut in light of “the challenges” they face in the wake of a non-existent peak tourism season and the economic impact of the global pandemic.

Speaking at the latest COVID-19 briefing, Premier David Burt said: “The shelter in place and lack of cruise and air visitors severely reduced earnings in this industry.

“Though many drivers are back earning funds again, the volumes are not where they were a year ago.

“Recognizing the challenges faced by taxi operators, the Government will provide a 50 percent Payroll Tax break to assist the Sector. Accordingly, the annual charge of $1,000 that must be paid at registration will be reduced to $500.

“This is good news for our taxi operators. Our island is seeing an increase in visitors and with more hotels and flights there will be more people coming to Bermuda to visit and work, creating more business for our taxi drivers and our economy as a whole.”