The Athletic Club (TAC) has teamed up with Bermuda Heroes Weekend for the fifth annual Thinner Winner community weight lost program that gives participants six weeks to “take the money and run” to Carnival.

Sign up day to kick off the six-week program is April 7th, and there’s a Finale Party planned for Saturday, May 19th in Victoria Park.

The team that loses the most weight and inches takes the top prize, which is $2,000. Last year, the 140 participants group lost 1,095 lbs and inches.

A TAC spokesperson noted that with 70 percent of both resident men and women “being overweight and/or obese and 80 percent of health care dollars being spent on diseases that are almost entirely preventable by diet and exercise alone, The Athletic Club continues to promote wellness in their community”.

“The Thinner Winner program is a community, team based, fitness and nutrition overhaul assisting participants in losing eight to twelve pounds and inches over the course of six weeks, helping the community of Bermuda lose 1,000 lbs.

“Thinner Winner keeps fitness fun by having people team up in groups of four to six working together, with a personal coach, to motivate and keep each other accountable.

“They will participate in special Thinner Winner workouts on Thursday evening at 6pm at Victoria Park from April 12th to May 10th. These sessions, such as Chisl’d, MetaHIIT, Tabata, Zumba and Brazilian Butt with our highly qualified trainers and group exercise instructors, are not only for Thinner Winner participants but are open to the community.

TW Participants will also have full access to TAC, classes and spa during the program.

“As an extra to the Food Guides provided, Nutritional Express Sessions will be held weekly including group discussions on nutrition, menus and improved eating plans.” And for those who wish to learn to lift weights “properly and effectively”, TAC will be holding weekly Saturday sessions.

“Bermuda Heroes Weekend has partnered with The Athletic Club and will be providing the entertainment for the finale all on May 19th.”

TAC Owner Kym Herron Scott said they were honoured to “help shape up Bermuda for the fifth year”.

“It’s a win-win situation. The challenge helps reduce health care costs, improves work productivity and creates happier, healthier Bermudians,” she said.

Lindo’s and Security Associates have been very supportive as our major sponsors along with others, including City of Hamilton, DHL, Digicel, City Café, Barritts and Butterfield and Vallis. This event is also supported by CORE.

The Athletic Club is currently enrolling participants for the Thinner Winner program. To secure a space for your team or as an individual, call 295-6140 or email Visit us on Facebook and Instagram at TAC Bermuda and download your registration today. #thinnerwinner2018