News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “By conducting such tabletop exercises, we can simulate realistic scenarios and assess our collective readiness to handle potential incidents,” said Minister of National Security Michael Weeks, following last week’s successful tabletop exercise on board the Celebrity Summit cruise ship.

This exercise, at Heritage Wharf, brought together multiple agencies and stakeholders to simulate a grounding incident involving a ship departing Bermuda and all subsequent actions that would be required.

The training, which included participation from various organisations such as the Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation team (DRRM), Government House, US Consulate, Marine and Ports, WEDCO, Corporation of Hamilton, Corporation of St. George’s, Health, Immigration, PTB, Coast Guard, RBR, BFRS, Bermuda Red Cross, BPS, Port Security, Meyer Agencies, Royal Caribbean, NCL, and others, was a collaborative effort aimed at strengthening our preparedness and response capabilities.

The exercise, which was carried out over several days, focused on critical aspects, including landing site locations, muster points, accountability, health and safety, housing, food, water, restroom facilities, vulnerable persons, and transportation (both land and sea).

Minister Weeks, who was present for the occasion, added: “Through these simulations, we were able to identify and address the challenges that we may encounter in the event of an actual incident.

“We recognise the importance of training exercises like these in ensuring that all agencies involved are well-prepared and equipped to handle emergencies effectively.

“The simulation provided an invaluable opportunity for participants to enhance their coordination, communication, and decision-making skills and strengthen interagency collaboration.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to continuously improving our emergency response capabilities. The knowledge gained from this exercise will enable us to refine our plans, protocols, and procedures, ensuring a swift and efficient response to any future incidents.”

The Ministry expresses gratitude to all the agencies, stakeholders, and individuals participating in this exercise.