News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The City of Hamilton advises those members of the public that use pre-paid swipe cards in the long-term parking lots – Bull’s Head, Elliot Street, Cavendish, Par-la-Ville and King Street – that a crucial part to the infrastructure that updates the cards each month has malfunctioned. Due to this unforeseen setback, the swipe cards for June cannot currently be updated. A replacement part has been ordered and the issue will be rectified as soon as possible.

The City kindly advises those swipe-card users who have prepaid for the month of June, that they will have to take a ticket upon entry to the affected lots and use the pay stations until the replacement part arrives and the cards have been updated. All prepaid monies received for June swipes will be honoured in July. Should the replacement part arrive promptly, all measures will be taken to activate the swipes as soon as possible and apply any credits due. Swipe card holders who have prepaid for their June parking must retain their receipts from the pay stations to apply for any credit due.

The City apologizes for this unfortunate development and urges motorists to arrive earlier to the lots to allow enough time for the entry process.