The Crown’s case against a 31-year-old woman was acquitted tonight, when a Supreme Court jury found Collisha Burch not guilty of causing the death of another woman, who leaves behind two young children.

Ms Burch was found not guilty of causing the death of Kerry Hollis by driving with a dangerous substance in her system and death by careless driving.

Kerry Perry Hollis, a  38-year-old mother of two, died following the early morning fatal road crash on September 28, 2017.

Prosecutors alleged that Ms Burch was travelling too fast to safely negotiate a bend on Middle Road in Southampton near Five Star Island.

The court heard that the Crown’s evidence showed that Ms Burch’s car veered into the eastbound lane because the defendant was travelling too fast.

The defendant’s lawyer, Marc Daniels argued that the Crown’s case failed to show any evidence of speed by either the defendant or the victim.

Ms Burch walked away free after the jury delivered a not guilty verdict.