A young man, who stabbed his father to death admitted the tragic crime by pleading guilty in the Supreme Court this morning.

Tyshaun Brown, 28, pleaded guilty to killing Amon Brown, 52, who was sustained at least 25 stab wounds two years ago, on July 8 in 2020 on St Mary’s Road on Cedar Hill in Warwick.

He was joined by members of his family when he appeared this morning, in a case that ultimately has “no winners”.

That’s how Detective Sergeant Jason Smith described it in an impromptu statement after the proceedings to the media.

“There are no winners in this case,” said Mr Smith.

“The family is distraught, understandably, and at least today there is some satisfaction that justice has been served.

“This is, as you can appreciate, a very emotional time for the family.

“There’s a lot of grief and pain – there’s still a lot of grief and pain,” he added.

“The family is coping and we do wish them well.”

He also noted that a guilty plea to manslaughter was “certainly the right decision to make, given the circumstance”.

“It certainly helps to alleviate some of that frustration and sense of fear among the family, so we’re happy for that decision.”

Area residents alerted police when they found Amon Brown bleeding to death, lying in the road.

He was rushed to the hospital’s Emergency Department by ambulance and later pronounced dead.

His son, who was arrested in the area the same night, appeared in Magistrates’ Court a week later to be formally charged.

Mr Brown was a wellknow former player and manager of the Boulevard Community Club.

The defendant was remanded in custody today by Puisne Judge Subair Williams. His sentencing date will be set and announced in due course.