New York Daily News: MANHATTAN, NY – Masks, no cheering and no singing.

This is how to “enjoy” the Super Bowl in the midst of a pandemic.

Oh, and you can’t have your friends over.

Further proving that coronavirus is why we can’t have nice things, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a list of safe ways to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday.

“Gathering virtually or with the people you live with is the safest way to celebrate the Super Bowl this year,” the CDC website says. “If you do have a small gathering with people who don’t live with you, outdoors is safer than indoors. This year, choose a safer way to enjoy the game. Host a virtual Super Bowl watch party.”

It can still be festive, said the CDC, on the same page that notes more than a million new coronavirus cases logged in the past seven days across the US.

People can wear clothes bearing the logo of the team they’re rooting for, decorate their homes with team colors, and share the recipes you’re making for your home with folks who can replicate them in their respective party places, the CDC suggested. And you can text with those who are watching along with you, but aren’t there.

An outdoor viewing party that enables viewers to be separated by 6 feet, watching the game on a large projector screen, is another option, the CDC said.

“Avoid shouting, cheering loudly, or singing,” the CDC said. “Clap, stomp your feet, or bring (or provide) hand-held noisemakers instead.”

The contest is being held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa and features a prolific quarterback matchup between Tom Brady of the Buccaneers and Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs. Ads are already sold out.

The NFL is allowing 22,000 fans to attend, filling a third of the stadium. That includes 7,500 vaccinated health care workers and 14,500 fans who purchase tickets.