News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – On Saturday (February 23rd, 2019) Youth Parliament Bermuda held their 3rd Annual Bermuda Principles Youth Parliament debate during the Bermuda Principles Foundation Fund Conference‘s Public Education at the Fairmont Southampton.

The focus for this year’s Bermuda Principles Foundation Fund Conference was diabetes. Therefore, the topic for the Youth Parliament debate was the Sugar Tax and the motion:   In 2019 this Youth Government will support initiatives that are aimed at creating a healthier and greener Bermuda. As such with an alarming estimated 13% of Bermudians having diabetes and another 13% estimated to be at risk for developing diabetes this Youth Government believes necessary measures must be taken to combat the Bermudian lifestyle.   Thus, as a result of the prevalence of diabetes in Bermuda, this Youth Government supports the implementation of a Sugar Tax in Bermuda as a method of encouraging a healthier lifestyle amongst residents.

The Youth Parliament members who debated the motion were: Proposition:  Giselle Concepcion, Cree Dunn, Robert Thomas, Vincent Darrell and Onuri Smith.

Opposition: McKenzie-Kohl Tuckett, Ywione Darrel,l Yassine Chentouf, Imani Phillips and Christopher Jackson.


The winning team was the group ‘for sugar tax’ the proposers.


The Judges:  Minister of Health Hon. Kim Wilson JP MP,  Shadow Minister of Health, Patricia Gordon Pamplin, r Tracey Harney, Biology Senior Lecturer at the Bermuda College,  Mr Gladstone Thompson, Dynamic Debaters Coach and Miss Akilah Beckles, Debate Coach

For more information on the Bermuda Principles Foundation Fund, visit their website. For more information on Youth Parliament Bermuda email

  • Photos Courtesy of DCI