Substitute teachers employed in public schools were up in arms this week because they have yet to receive a pay cheque since the new school year started.

Long before the cyber incident that shut down the Government IT System nearly a week ago, sources telling Bermuda Real this weekend that the subs have yet to be told when they would be paid.

One source said no email was sent out and that a meeting was held for subs, but not all subs went, and that is where they heard that they were not going to be getting their salaries until October.

Up until this point they said subs were paid monthly.

But the subs affected were not told when in October, when some of the subs affected contacted the Salaries Department at the Ministry of Education.

“Either way, some people knew, and some people did not know,“ our source added.

“But I still think there should have been an email sent to all subs because not everybody was at that meeting and it pertained to subs. So, that is a level of disrespect too!

“So now I’m really vexed because when Kalmar Richards held that meeting, I asked another teacher why they didn’t protest and what is the reason we aren’t getting paid until October because most of us don’t know.

“Those at the meeting should have said this was unacceptable!

“How does the Ministry think that this is acceptable and how does the union think that this is right?

“Like what kind of a union do we have?

“I know we have a weak union, I have always known that, but this is just beyond me and its only substitute teachers that this has happened to.“

Efforts to get a response from the Ministry of Education or the Bermuda Union of Teachers remain unsuccessful.