Substantive work is scheduled to begin in August on the estimated $2.7 million St George’s Marina.

In an update released earlier today (July 17), Public Works Minister Lieutenant Colonel David Burch said the Government promised to advance this construction and that promise is being kept.

“There is no doubt that when this Marina is completed, it will contribute towards the economic revival in St George’s, alongside the St Regis Hotel and several initiatives underway,” he said.

“At an estimated cost of $2.7 million, this private-public project between the Corporation of St George and the developer is poised for substantive work to begin in August.”

On the preparation work currently underway, Col Burch said: “Crisson Construction Ltd and D&J Construction Ltd, who are leading the operation, are currently using the nearby Marginal Wharf in St David’s as an off-site location for initial work.”

The work includes:

  • The preparation of steel pipe sections
  • Welding for piling
  • Preparation of materials and temporary plans for demolishing the existing dock at Ordinance Island 

“Other tasks include fabrication details and drawings for rebar orders for the precasting of concrete structures, which will be constructed at Marginal Wharf and transported to the dock and the pre-order of specialist materials.”

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