Students who generated energy from wind and solar sources, created websites and video games, explored electromagnetism,  constructed robots, and wrote their own codes to fly drones showcased their skills to parents and other guests last month.

It was all part of Ascendant Group Limited’s annual STEM Camp held in July.

The STEM programme (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), opened on July 8, with a one-week session for beginners and one advanced two-week session.

After the last session, the students presented their projects during the sessions, where they also learned about block chain and cryptocurrency.

Duval Robinson, a Computer Science senior school teacher, was the facilitator for this year’s camp.

“I believe that technology is a very important tool in teaching and learning. This triggers engagement, fostering creative minds and future innovators,” he said.

Launched in 2013, Ascendant STEM Camp was designed for middle school students with proven aptitude and interest in STEM subjects. These students are provided with multiple activities and projects over the course of the camp to expand their capabilities.

Ascendant Vice President, Human Resources, LaKeitha Cunningham added: “Ascendant is proud to have encouraged a new set of students to further develop their abilities and interest in STEM.

“We understand that STEM fields are rapidly growing and changing; we are proud to offer children in Bermuda an outlet for these useful skills.”