A “strong smell” in the hospital’s Acute Care Wing (ACW) was investigated earlier today, which resulted in the temporary suspension of the surgical and imaging services, while Paget Health Services determined the cause.

A spokesperson said Emergency services continued “as are other outpatient and inpatient services in the ACW”.

“The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Services has been called as an added precaution.”

In an update provided later today, the spokesperson said the strong smell in the ACW was “traced to a cigarette that was thrown into some mulch, which smouldered near the air intake for the ACW”.

Surgical and imaging services was due to return to normal once the areas were “deemed acceptable by Employee Health Services”.

“We would like to thank all staff for their management of patients through this time and apologise to patients and their families who were impacted,” the spokesperson added.

“We would also like to thank the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Services who attended and assisted with putting out the small, smouldering fire.

“BHB reminds all staff, patients and visitors that the Tobacco Act 2015 prohibits anyone smoking on our site. Not only did this incident create inconvenience and worry for people in the ACW, but it is illegal to be smoking anywhere on our property. We will be reviewing video and working with the police if the person can be identified.”