No change reported on the ongoing industrial dispute at Bermuda’s main sea port of entry for imported goods at the Hamilton Docks.

In a statement released by Stevedoring Services yesterday, Polaris Holding Company Limited CEO, Warren Jones said: “There has been no change in the status of the ongoing Hamilton Docks industrial dispute which began on October 19, 2017.

“All essential goods have been off-loaded for collection. Two container ships left on Friday – one with only empty containers, and a second returning to its point of origin with all unloaded container cargo, except the essential goods,” he said.

“We can confirm there were no ships in dock over the weekend. The Oleander ship arrived today (Monday) and the stevedores unloaded perishable items and essential goods.”

Meanwhile, negotiations continue with the Bermuda Industrial Union over the dismissal of an employee, with updates on “shippers and agents as the situation changes” pending.

On specifics of the dispute, Mr Jones said: “We are unable to discuss specific personnel matters as a part of our company privacy policy. However, we will update stakeholders on relevant progress in today’s negotiations.”