Steady rain showers throughout the day on Good Friday may have made for an easier day for police on the look out for COVID restriction violators during the Easter holiday weekend.

Speaking at a news conference on Thursday (April 1), Assistant Police Commissioner Martin Weekes the police will be doing their part “to push you in the right direction”.

He also warned that offenders will end up in court if they break the rules.

“We will continue to put people before the courts – in fact some people will be appearing before a magistrate next week,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of National Security, Renée Ming reiterated that this year, once again, “we won’t be able to gather in the normal ways that we are used to”.

“Good Friday and Easter Sunday are considered the most important dates on the Christian calendar. And from a cultural standpoint, this holiday weekend is one of the most iconic for Bermudians,” said Ms Ming.

“Good Friday is steeped in tradition for us, with kite flying, hot cross buns and fish cakes.

“Typically, this is a time when we gather with our friends and families to celebrate our rich and unique heritage.

“But this year, once again, we won’t be able to gather in the normal ways that we are used to.

“Instead, we must do it against the backdrop of a dangerous and fast spreading pandemic.

“Any gatherings must be done responsibly. They must be physically distanced, without the mixing of households and in small family and or friend bubbles.

“But in order to ensure that everyone is engaging in responsible behaviour, I will set out a few timely reminders for the public as we continue to navigate this serious pandemic,” she added.

“As a country we have demonstrated discipline and leadership in navigating this pandemic, and we must continue our vigilance.

“Please exercise a degree of personal responsibility by making smart and sensible decisions to protect you, your family, your friends and your loved ones.

“We all must continue to do what we can to mitigate and limit the spread of the virus by complying with the policies in place.”