Former Premier Dr Ewart Brown issued the following statement last night in response to former Attorney General Trevor Moniz:

In a desperate bid to preserve an already tarnished reputation and in the aftermath of an embarrassing party defeat at the polls, Trevor Moniz, the former AG, has sought to persuade the new government that the OBA Government’s pursuit of the Lahey Clinic in Boston is a well-founded case based on “compelling evidence…”

Really? I want to take this opportunity to utterly refute that assertion.

This ill-conceived suit has already cost the Bermudian taxpayer around $1million and is likely to cost multiple millions with no prospect of success.

It is my belief that Trevor Moniz initiated this action because of some personal animus towards me in abuse of his role as Attorney General. I have information and belief that he violated the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty with the United States, as well as the clear constitutional separation of powers conferred in our Bermuda constitution. He will stop at nothing in his dogged pursuit of this vendetta against me. He has no credibility and is obviously handicapped by his ignorance of medical diagnostics.

If he is convinced that his allegations are accurate, let him come out from the protection of Parliament and the cover of the Lahey lawsuit and make the outrageous accusations about me personally in the public arena.

For him to decline this challenge offers support for the belief that he is a coward, pure and simple.