The Parish Council of St George’s was inundated with calls after someone decided to steal some of the decorations set up in celebration of Cup Match in St George’s this year on the Swing Bridge.

The complaint – the decorations looks incomplete, with some callers stating outright that it looks bad.

Cindy Swan, the council’s new Chairperson said today that she was “very disappointed and disheartened” by the fact that several flags were stolen in the lead up to Cup Match – a community event.

“The decorations were put up last Saturday specifically in time for the Colts Cup Match, she said.
In spite of the disappointment she also thanked the workers on the hustle truck who put up flags on lamp poles in honour of St Cricket Club’s Cup Match team members.
“Rubis Bermuda sponsored the decorating of the bridge,” she added.
On a brighter note, Ms Swan said St George’s Parish Council members also provided dinner after the Colt Cup Match last Sunday.
It was a healthy meal of pasta with baked with toss salad and garlic bread which was organized by new Council member Dr Amne Osseyran and served by council members.
“The council was honoured to sponsor and serve the Colts Cup Match teams after the game,” said Ms Swan.
“Hanging the flags was a joint community effort and Colonel Burch, the Minister of Public Works provided the hustle truck, which was driven by Mr ‘Liver’ Furbert, who came out on Saturday with his son and grandson.”
She also noted that her husband, Kim Swan MP hung 12 flags on lamp posts, starting from the roundabout to St David’s to the St George’s Cricket Club.
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