A 46-year-old man was sentenced to four months behind bars after he admitted swallowing more than 110 grams of cannabis resin to import into Bermuda.

Keneth Butterfield admitted the offence in Magistrates’ Court back in February.

During a hearing last month, the St George’s resident denied importing the substance to sell. He maintained that it was for his own personal use, which the Magistrate, Craig Attridge, accepted.

The drugs, said to be obtained in the UK, were excreted at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, had an estimated street value of more than $11,000, if sold by the ounce, and more than $22,000 by the gram.

The Magistrate highlighted the defendant’s previous conviction of seven years imprisonment in 2010, on another case involving $850,000 worth of cannabis and Butterfield’s early guilty plea.

The four-month prison term was meted out in Magistrates’ Court on Friday (June 7).