News Release: ST DAVID’S, Bermuda – At a St David’s Primary School PTA town hall, a group of community representatives told assembled parents that the fight was just beginning and it was time for the community to stand together in solidarity. They said that while they had chosen a more low-key route than their West-End counterparts to date, the St David’s community was just as committed to keeping their school open.

During their presentation which they had delivered to the Government’s History and Legacy panel earlier in the day, they pointed to the school’s 131-long history, its significance as Bermuda’s first integrated school and how the school continued to fulfil a vital role as the hub of the community.

After the event, Elizabeth Deacon said: “As OBA candidate for St George’s South I will continue to fight alongside the St. David’s community in their efforts to save St David’s Primary School from closure.

“St David’s is a unique community and the school has been at the heart of life for St David’s Islanders for more than 130 years. It plays a special role in the culture and history of St David’s and goes to the very fabric of a community that has already lost its post office, grocery store and other amenities.

“The Government must take more than just a narrow, bricks and mortar approach to school closures – this is about saving a community, not just a school.

“A decision to close the school would speak to a lack of a wider vision for Bermuda and its communities and a failure to listen to the needs of the people in the communities of the East and West End, as well as failing to fully understand the impact on the parents, teachers and children who live and work here.

“We hope that the Government will do the right thing for St David’s.”