PTI: COLOMBO – July 8, 2020 – Sri Lanka for the first time has recorded the birth of twin elephant calves in the country’s Minneriya National Park, a senior official said on Wednesday.

According to various research papers, elephants are less than one per cent likely to give birth to twins. It”s even less likely both calves survive into adulthood.

“For the first time in Sri Lanka has recorded the birth of twin elephant calves,” Tharaka Prasad, the Director of Wildlife Health at Department of Wildlife Conservation, said.

He said the calves are three to four weeks old as of now.

Sumith Pilapitiya, a prominent wildlife research enthusiast, said this is the first time Sri Lanka has recorded the birth of twin elephant calves.

“We have been observing a group of elephants during the last few days, and yesterday through observations we were able to confirm there is a set of twins born to an adult female. This is the first time this has been recorded in the country,” he said.

He said the authorities were taking all measures to protect the twin baby elephants and their mother.