Members of Bermuda’s CARIFTA team returned over a two-day period, starting on Tuesday evening (April 3) with the arrival of the track and field contingent, followed by our swimmers on Wednesday.

Minister of Social Development and Sports Michael Weeks, travelled to the Bahamas for CARIFTA said: “Hats off to the excellent work of our athletes.”

On hand to greet them with family members and friends was Minister of Government Reform, Lovitta Foggo to congratulate the team on their performance in the Bahamas.

Team captain and high jumper Sakari Famous won a bronze medal after finishing third in the Under 20 Girls High Jump with a top leap of 1.79m.

The team included Jessie Marshall, Taylor Hines, Tily Norman, Amelia Othman, Sakari Famous, Ashley Irby, Isabelle Dutranoit, Clevonte Lodge, Ryan Outerbridge, Nirobi Mills, Elisha Darrell, Johndell Cumberbatch, Robert Edwards and Deneo Brangman.

Mr Weeks, who was there to witness the events said: “Each of our athletes represented Bermuda proudly. They would have made you proud if you there to see if for yourself.

“They all left all of their energy and effort on the track, so for that we are very proud.”

Ms Foggo echoed his remarks adding: “Indeed our athletes did do a stellar job in representing their country and I want everybody to say Team Bermuda.

Ms Foggo was back at the LF Wade International Airport on Wednesday night to welcome Bermuda’s CARIFTA team home sporting the 32 medals they won in Jamaica, including 11 gold, 12 silver and 9 bronze medals.

She commended the team for doing “an excellent, phenomenal job in the events representing us”.

Elan Daley won all of the gold medals and broke CARIFTA records. Logan Watson-Brown won three silver medals and Kai Legband won two. Madelyn Moore also won a silver medal and two bronze medals.

Swim team members included Jaedyn Judd, Josephine Duerden, Giada Dudley-Pun, Elan Daley, Logan Watson-Brown, Taylor White, Gaby Pitman, Madelyn Moore, Skyler Powell, Elijah Daley, Brian Desmond, Sam Williamson, Jack Harvey, Ethan Daley and Kai Legband.