News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Congratulations to the St George’s cricket team who were the victors of today’s 23rd Annual Mini Cup Match. The score was 131-109.

Each year, the Department of Youth, Sports and Recreation host the Mini Cup Match to celebrate the upcoming national holiday, and to ensure that the young people learn the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie. The event was held at the Devonshire Recreation and featured young people from the Bermuda Government’s Summer Day Camps.

Sports Minister Lovitta Foggo stopped by Devonshire Rec this morning to extend her support to both cricket teams. The event was also well attended by parents, Youth and Sports staff and other well-wishers.

St George’s were first up to bat and after their allotted 20 overs. Following the lunch break the Somerset team took to the pitch.

After four (4) long hours, the teams battled it to the end and St. George’s managed a 131-109 victory.

Minister Foggo said this afternoon: “Both teams should feel proud of their performance today. Each of our young cricketers played hard today, and in my view, they are all winners. They demonstrated the teamwork and sportsmanship that our Annual Cup Match Classic is known for. But quite simply, they just had good plain fun, which is what they should be doing at their young age. So, I want to commend all of our Summer Day Camp teachers and support staff for helping to make this a memorable day for our young people. Well done to St. George’s.”

St George’s and Somerset campers who participated in this year’s Mini Cup Match include:

St. George’s

  • Zamir Tucker
  • Sailahn Martin
  • Zaki Gibbons
  • Armani Smith
  • Priyah Denbrook
  • Muryah Swan
  • Keith Richardson
  • Treazi Gibbons
  • Keshav Butler
  • Jah-ty Talbot
  • Csayian Burns
  • Xy-unn Simmons
  • Romari Ruddock
  • Ryan Place-Gill

Coaches:  Xyon Outerbridge and Dequan Lodge


  • Skylar Crockwell
  • Jahsai Bean-Joell
  • Kieshaun Gibbons-Johnsal
  • Logan Chadwick
  • Shuaib Worrell
  • Zephaniah Demello
  • Max Lightbourn
  • Ny-Sir Bremiage
  • Isaiah Trott
  • Macario Correia
  • Zephaniah Talbot
  • Torano Young

Coaches:  Moziah Selassie, Stafari Burrows, and Chevone Armstrong

Special recognition goes to Shuaib Worrell and Keshav Butler for Best Batsmen, Logan Chadwick and Zaki Gibbons for Best Bowler, and Torano Young and Armani Smith for Best Fielder. 

  • Feature Photos Courtesy of DC: Minister Lovitta Foggo with both Somerset and St. George’s Mini Cup Match teams