The Sailing Training Vessel (STV) Spirit of Bermuda arrived back to local shores on Saturday.

A spokesperson for the Bermuda Sloop Foundation said the STV arrived early Saturday morning after an extended period of maintenance work at the shipyard where she was built in Maine.

The vessel is now equipped with a new engine and updated electronics, with re-certification to American Bureau of Shipping standards.

“The ship is like brand new again, ready and able to deliver Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s award-winning experiential sail training programme to Bermuda’s students for another 13 years!

“We would like to publicly welcome STV Spirit of Bermuda and her crew back to Bermuda, and to express our sincere thanks to our many supporters who have contributed towards BSF’s programme and to the ship,” she said.

“Those contributions enable the continuation of this valuable learning experience for Bermuda’s adolescents and young adults.

“Changing Lives One Voyage at a Time, Over Time.”