News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Anecdotals provides a glimpse into the lives of the injured,and how their daily experience has drastically changed.2nd Screening of Anecdotals in Bermuda Monday, April 17th at Speciality Cinema(Hamilton, BDA) After selling out the Premiere Screening on April 10th, the 2nd Screening of Anecdotals played to another packed audience on Monday evening including local doctors, elected officials, concerned citizens and persons injured after taking the COVID jabs.

Event producer Eugene Dean said: “Early Monday morning people started reaching out to say that thefilm had been sold out online again. Fortunately, the cinema had a few more tickets to release, soeventually everyone was able to purchase tickets and get a seat.”

After the film, many of the doctors and elected officials in attendance participated in what became avery open, honest and engaging conversation. Several audience members had questions regarding parallels they identified with their experience in Bermuda, and the doctors on hand were more than willing to ensure that everyone left the theater aptly informed. Discussions throughout the night included questions about the increasing death rate, adverse events, treatment options, the status of doctor patient relationships in Bermuda, the lack of privileges given to private doctors in our hospital and a new adverse event reporting system titled Bermuda VAERS.

During the course of the discussions Mr Dean stated that: “A very generous C.A.S.T. member investedin the development of a Bermuda VAERS reporting platform which is now available for anyone in ourcommunity to report injuries sustained after taking any of the COVID jabs.”

Access to the Bermuda VAERS reporting system can be found via the CAST website or

For those who missed the first two screenings of Anecdotals, the owners of Speciality Cinema have generously offered to host a Free Public Screening at 7pm on Monday, April 24th to ensure that anyone interested in watching the documentary has yet another opportunity to do so.

A spokesperson from Speciality Cinema shared the following details, “Because this film has developed such a strong following locally, we have decided to waive ticket sales for next week’s screening and instead offer entry into the cinema with any purchase from our restaurant valued at $5 or more. This offer is valid onMonday, April 24th only and subsequent screenings of the documentary will be based on demand.”

About Anecdotals: The film Anecdotals provides a glimpse into the lives of the injured and how their day-to-day existence has drastically changed. It is a compassionate exploration of the nuanced vaccine debate, focusing on questions, rather than answers, and people, rather than politics.

About the CAST: The CAST is an action group of Bermuda residents, citizens, and businesses that formed in January of 2022. The members of CAST are dedicated to improving the state of Bermuda’s justice system – especially as it relates to the recovery from any public mismanagement of the pandemic. The CAST holds the view that many of the potentially excessive pandemic mandates and protocols that have been implemented may have caused injury to a wider cross-section of individuals and businesses than was absolutely necessary. The CAST was formed out of concern that the Bermuda Government is ill-equipped to represent the broad concerns of the ‘silent majority’ for national unity and solidarity. As a result we are committed to empowering people and our communities to build a future of fairness, respect and abundance for all. For the love of our island, its people and future generations, we do all that we can to offer support, provide representation, inspire courage, honesty and accountability, raise awareness and foster greater unity.