Special Shout Out to my fellow colleagues who graduated 40 years ago this week in Warwick Academy’s Class of 1978.


A weekend of special events kicked off last evening at the school, where former students, faculty and friends gathered for an evening cocktail party. And as promised yours truly and Bermuda Real was in the house and we had a BLAST!

It was great to see former students who went through the ropes back in those infamous high school days under the even more notorious Dr Joseph ‘Zacky’ Marshall. May he continue to Rest In Peace.

To my former classmates in what will go down in history as the second music class to join the first class before us, to become Warwick Academy’s first ever Youth Orchestra, under the leadership of the late Roy Ricketts. 

I’m sure WE would all agree that WE Will NEVER-EVER Forget him, and may he too continue to Rest In Peace.

That’s where I would meet the likes of Bethanne Thomas, Scott Foster, little Ms Sharon Weatherhead – Thanks by the way for what you said Sharon. I was truly surprised and had no idea! And it was truly touching – so Thank You! Tell your daughters I got ya back for LIFE! And You Know This!

To Bethanne, it was great to see you on a social level and I look forward to seeing you and ALL at brunch at Fourways on Sunday. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be eating as we’re just getting over this HELLISH stomach bug. Haven’t seen or heard from my appetite in a long time, as we’re just clearing the fog from eight weeks of Bermuda Allergy Season HELL!


But come HELL or High Water I will be there and I look forward to sharing even more good memories and even more belly busting laughs!


Shari-Lynn Pringle, Linda Wellman, Brenton, Bertram, everybody else whose names are too many to list – it was great to see you all! And like I said, we had a BLAST!