A special recognition event will be held on Saturday to pay tribute to Bermuda’s heroes.

The event will be held at the World Heritage Centre in St George’s at 6pm, in recognition of the island’s National Heroes, Dame Lois Browne-Evans, Dr E.F. Gordon, Roosevelt Brown, Sir Henry James ‘Jack’ Tucker, Mary Prince, Gladys Misick Morrell, Sir Edward Richards and Sir John Swan.

Lovitta Foggo, the Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sport, said: “We are hosting a recognition event where we intend to use the opportunity to remind the community of the importance of National Heroes Day and to share tributes that will highlight how our National Heroes inspired those who will be participating in the ceremony.

“This is an event that is open to the public and we are encouraging people to attend so that they can learn more about the legacy and contributions of Bermuda’s National Heroes.”

Tributes will be made by local historians and family members of some of the National Heroes, in addition to a musical performance by Joy T Barnum.

National Heroes Day is Monday, June 17, 2019.